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Manufacturer and Type (Tonnage/Injection Unit(oz))
Cincinnati Milacron STD Platen (1500/540)
Cincinnati Milacron STD Platen (1500/540)
Cincinnati Milacron STD Platen (850/116)
Cincinnati Milacron STD Platen (500/48)
Cincinnati Milacron STD Platen (500/48)
Cincinnati Milacron STD Platen (500/70)
Cincinnati Milacron STD Platen (250/32)
Cincinnati Milacron Wide Platen (250/32)
Cincinnati Milacron Wide Platen (250/20)
Cincinnati Milacron Toggle (440/54)
Cincinnati Milacron Toggle (440/29)
Cincinnati Milacron Toggle (300/29)
Cincinnati Milacron Vista STD Platen (100/7)
Cincinnati Milacron Elektra Molding Machine (85/7)
Goldstar LG (900/225)
Husky HyPac RS65/60 (300/42)
Van Dorn Injection Molding Machine (700/165)
Van Dorn Injection Molding Machine (385/35)
Van Dorn Injection Molding Machine (500/60)
Van Dorn Injection Molding Machine (275/30)
Stokes Injection Vertical Molding Machine (100/3)
Toshiba Injection Molding Machine (400/40)
Toshiba Injection Molding Machine (85/3.6)
Nissei Injection Molding Machine (398/32)
HPM Injection Molding Machine (220/28)
MIR Injection Molding Machine (744/100)
Newbury Minijet Injection Molding Machine (25/1)
Aoki Stretch Blow Molding Machine (500/18)

In Addition to the Molding Equipment listed, we have all of the Required support equipment related to the Injection molding process including a complete chilling process for the molds and presses, hopper loaders and dryers, mold Temperature controls, coloring blenders, plastic scrap granulators and more. Hot stamping available for decorating needs.

Our Team will work to minimize costs and optimize the entire process to supply you with superior products and components.

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